Claydon High School
Church Lane, Claydon, Suffolk, IP6 0EG

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Headteacher:  Ms M Taylor


Forthcoming Roadworks on the A14 at Claydon

We have been advised of planned overnight and weekend roadworks on the A14 at Claydon during the months of May and June 2018. Please click below for more information.

A14 Claydon letter

Closures and Diversions



KS4 Curriculum Evening

Many thanks to those parents and Year 10 students who attended our recent KS4 Curriculum Evening. If you were unable to attend, you can access a copy of the slideshow and workshop below. 

KS4 Curriculum Evening Slideshow 

KS4 Curriculum Evening Revision Skills Workshop


Parenting Course

Triple P Teen Group — Claydon High School, October 2017. Please click here for details.


New Lunchtime Menus

Please click here to download the new Vive lunchtime menus provided in our Megabites canteen by Vertas Catering. Please note that there is a three week rotation and the dates are at the top of each page.


Academy Consultation

Please click on the links below to read important information regarding a proposal to create the ‘South Suffolk Learning Trust’. 

SSLT Letter to Parents/Carers

SSLT Consultation Document Sept 2016

SSLT Consultation Northgate High School


Educational Visits Consent Form

Please click to download a printable copy of the Educational Visits Consent Form


Medical Conditions

It is a requirement that all students who need to leave school during school hours for medical appointments or illness must be collected by an adult family member or other authorised adult.  This measure is in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students.

Please make the school aware of any medical appointments at least 48 hours in advance, wherever possible, which can be done via a phone call, letter or note in the student planner, but please note that students will now need to be collected from reception by the authorised adult in order to attend.  Please do return your child to school after their medical appointment if they are fit enough to be here; high attendance is a crucial factor for student progress and achievement and we want our students to be in lessons learning..

Please click to download a printable copy of the Request for child to carry their own medicine form

Please click to download a printable copy of the Parental agreement for school to administer medicine form


School Transport

Please be reminded that all students traveling to and from school by bus need to have a valid bus pass, issued by Suffolk County Council. With effect from 01/01/15 if any parent/carer has not applied for a bus pass for their child, the school office will only be allowed to issue one temporary bus pass. This will be valid for three weeks from the date of issue. After this expires, we will expect students to have received a permanent pass.

If you have any queries regarding school transport, please call Suffolk County Council Transport Department direct on 0845 606 6067.


Latest Ofsted News

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